on the mirror: it's a la-vie-en-rose moment by isalu ishii


To kick off Pride month, we had the honour of inviting the incredible artist IsaLu Ishii to create this year’s Pride mural on our hotel lobby mirror.

The artwork is a loose replica of the artist’s "It's A La-Vie-en-Rose Moment...," representing seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, like new lovers do. When everything seems beautiful, achievable, and possible, it sends a message of serenity and acceptance.

The mural stands tall and proud in the lobby for everyone to see and will remain for the entire month of June. Come take a peek!     


About the artist

IsaLu Ishii is a London-based, self-taught artist. Her art is a vibrant blend of colour, hedonism, and whimsy with the purpose to amuse and make others smile (herself included!) What you see is what you see, no hidden messages are to be found!

Follow IsaLu Ishii at @isalu_ishii