lobby mirror for made blue: water drop by sarah boris

april - may

Influenced by the Lore Group x Made Blue Foundation collaboration in 2024, Sarah Boris' piece, "Water Drop (2024)," at One Hundred Shoreditch lobby, aims to elevate the concept of clean drinking water. Symbolically, she places a water droplet in the mouth, crafted entirely from upcycled textiles. Sarah collaborated with Margate-based seamstress and sustainable fashion designer Louise Halswell for the fabrication.

About the artist

Sarah Boris is a multi-disciplinary artist with works spanning sculpture, drawing, painting, screen printing, textile and artists’ books. Over the last few years, she has been developing modular artworks currently exhibited in solo exhibitions in the UK and France.

Among her notable works are The Heart Bench series (2022), blending a universal symbol into functional sculpture, and Fragile UK Flag (2015), a poignant response to the UK's socio-political landscape. Her art has graced esteemed venues like the Design Museum, London, and is housed in collections including the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. She's also a sought-after speaker at festivals across the UK and Europe.

About made blue foundation

Since 2014, the Made Blue Foundation (@watermadeblue) has been dedicated to ensuring universal access to clean water and hygiene. Their innovative strategy balances water usage in the West with providing clean drinking water in developing nations.

About lore group x made blue foundation partnership 2024

Lore Group's community-centric hotels prioritise responsible travel and meaningful experiences. Teaming up with the Made Blue foundation, we'll provide 100 litres of fresh water per occupied room night in 2024.

More about the artist

Instagram: @sarahboris_LDN

Website: sarahboris.com

Artwork specifications

Water drop (2024) by Sarah Boris

Size: 2m3 x 2m3

Material: Upcycled cotton fabric